Vision, Mission & Goals


To have Complementary Therapies (CT) recognized, incorporated and integrated into nursing and health care in Ontario.


Recognizing that nursing involves a holistic approach whereby all persons are an integrated mind-body-spirit entity, the Complementary Therapies Nurses' Interest Group (CTNIG) promotes the practice of CT as part of nursing practice. The CTNIG does this through support, recognition, networking, research, and political action as well as education opportunities related to CT for nurses and the public.

The Soul Worker by Micheline Montgomery open quotes a nurse social worker. The mending of the body is only a fraction of what she accomplishes each day. With compassion, kindness and specialized skills she encourages and inspires so she works with. Through her caring courage everyday heroism, the act of nursing becomes a life's work. The nurse is transformed into a vehicle of healing. She is a social worker." Micheline Montgomery

  • Provide vision, support, direction, and leadership for the advancement of CT in nursing practice, education, research, administration and political arenas.
  • Honour the advancement of CT in nursing practice, education, research, administration and political arenas.
  • Interact with consumers, health care professionals and related health care organizations and health care systems for the advancement of CT.
  • Influence the Ontario and Canadian health care systems through political action to integrate CT as part of quality, comprehensive health care.
  • Support nurses to engage in self-care practices.
  • Promote quality of work life for nurses through integration of CT in the workplace.

Values and Beliefs:

1) Autonomy
  • All persons are an integrated mind-body-spirit entity.
  • All persons have the capacity and right to make living, learning and health choices that honour their mind-body-spirit unity.

2) Individual Worth/Respect

All persons' perspective of their experiences and the meanings, patterns and quality of life are unique and respected.

3) Advocacy

     We advocate for:  
  • Access to complementary therapies for all persons to promote quality health care;
  • Integration of conventional health care and complementary therapies in order to promote quality health care;
  • Nurses to be valued in their role of providing complementary therapies as part of quality health care;

4) Partnerships and Alliances

Affiliations with consumer, nursing and other health care groups are imperative to facilitate communication and high quality health care.
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