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What is the definition of Complementary Therapies (CT)?
There are many different definitions for CT, though they all explain a similar idea, that CTs are those not yet part of the general conventional Western biomedicine (our current system). They are therapies that may be used in conjunction with, rather than a replacement to conventional medical treatment. CTs can also be used alone when they promote health and well-being; or to promote self-care (something nurses should stay on top of to prevent burnout).

Why can someone join and not be a RNAO member?
The CTNIG is an affliate nurse interest group, which means <25% of our membership can be NON-RNAO members. See the "Membership" tab on how to make this happen. 

I am a RPN, can I join the CTNIG?
Unfortunately, NO. This is a group for RNs as we are a RN Interest Group, attached to the RN Professional Association, the RNAO.
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