RNAO-CTNIG "Award of Excellence"

In 2012, Kim M Watson, President of the CTNIG, established the CTNIG Award to celebrate out 10th year Anniversay and the work that has been done. The award was created to recognize the work nurses do to introduce, recognize and integrate complementary therapies into healthcare within Ontario. 
No one embodied this award more than Darka Neill; not only was she the spark that created this group, she was our first President. It was due to Darka's dedication and commitment to the vision and mission of this group, that it came into being, as well as her efforts brought the group forward to celebrate its 10th Anniversary.
The first award was presented to her on November 10, 2012. This award will now be presented every 2 years at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) to honour and recognize the efforts and work of a Registered Nurse in Ontario who continues to work towards the vision and mission of the CTNIG and the use of complementary therapies in healthcare.
  • Current CTNIG members working towards the recognition, introduction, &/or integration of complementary therapies within healthcare
  • Current CTNIG member: over 1 full year membership
  • Current CTNIG Executive are NOT eligible; past Executive are eligible
  • Current CTNIG Liaisons or Committee Members ARE eligble for nomination
  • CTNIG members may be nominated by anyone, you do not need to be a RN or CTNIG member to nominate a worthy member, though you do require their consent


  •  Complete and send the "Nomination Form" by November 30th
  • Send the completed nomination form and additional supporting documents, one of two ways: via email to the President at chair@rnao-ctnig.org or mail it to the address on the form
  • Supporting documents and letters of support can be included that address (no page limit) how the nominee has worked towards supporting, recognizing, providing, &/or integrating complementary therapies in healthcare today, and our vision and mission.


Click Here to download the pdf form! 



For further information or questions about this award or the nomination process please contact Kim M Watson at 519-972-5698, or email at chair@rnao-ctnig.org.

To learn more about the history of the drawing (above), that is part of the award the recipient will receive, see the tab: CTNIG AWARD ART: A Message. This is a piece of art created by Jennifer Merritt, called a "Soul Portrait" that has a message for the CTNIG behind its colour and lines. Kim M Watson commissioned this drawing for the CTNIG Award, and the message is for all the CTNIG members!


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