How To Join The RNAO-CTNIG

There are 2 ways to join the CTNIG - as a RNAO member, or as a non-RNAO member


If you are a RNAO member, or wish to be, please contact the RNAO office or form below and sign up today. At the same time you will be able to join whatever Interest Group you want, and hopefully it will be ours! You can reach the RNAO at or by phone 1-800-268-7199 (toll free) or 416-599-1925. The cost for the interest group is:

          * $25.00 for RNs   
          * $10.00 for retired RNs & NEW grads (< 1 yr as RN)  
          * $ 0.00 for students - YES no charge! 
              Students must ensure RNAO has on file a valid email address to receive all our correspondence.

Also you can let us know if you would like to participate on the Executive Board, or as a Committee Member (newsletter, membership, policy & political action, research, education), or as a CTNIG Liaison for an workplace, group or geographical area/city/county. If interested please contact the Chair at . For open Executive Board positions, please see the 'About Us' / 'Executive Board & Liaisons' tab on this web site.

2. RNs who are NOT a RNAO MEMBER:

If you are a RN, interested in CT or are a CT practitioner, though not a RNAO member, and you would like to be a CTNIG member.... you can still join! The CTNIG is an affliate RNAO Interest Group, which means less than 25 % of our RN members can be non-RNAO members, though no more than that. If you have any questions please contact our Membership Officer ( or the Chair ( 

There is a flat $25.00 fee, which is due annually in October (same renewal date as for RNAO memberships). Also you must be a RN with the CNO. 

Make your $25.00 cheque out to RNAO-CTNIG and mail it to:  
CTNIG Memberships, C/O 2376 Moy Avenue, Windsor, ON, N8W 2M8

We will also need your name, address, phone number, email address, where you work or if you are retired, & a list of what complementary therapies you presently practice.You must have an email address in order to receive the ongoing correspondence: newsletters, digests and updates.

You can also let us know if you are interested in participating as a Committee Member (newsletter, membership, policy & political action, research, education); or as a CTNIG Liaison for a workplace, group or area/region.
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