CTNIG Opportunities for You

CTNIG Opportunities for You.

Do YOU want to be a part of educating the next generation of nurses 
about Complementary Therapies &/or Integrative Health Care? 



1. Your Own Article or Short Story on Complementary Therapies &/or Integrative Health Care:

Submit a short article for summer issue of CTNIG Newsletter about your specific Complementary Therapy (CT) (eg.philosophy, basic principles, process, outcomes including benefits and contraindications) and how you integrate it into your nursing practice. We welcome articles about any research you are involved in as well as nursing theories that support the use of CT or about underlying concepts of Integrative Health Care.

Your experiences would be of great value to our student nurse members who are going to be the next generation of nurses, or nurses just entering the CT world in Healthcare. Wouldn’t be wonderful to have the next generation of CT nurses well informed about the various CT that could be integrated into the care they provide and enable them to advocate for the use of CT with their clients as part of Holistic Nursing Practice.

All the nurses and students we reach would also find your insights, experiences and underlying concepts/philosophies of value to inform and support their Holistic Nursing Practice and Integrative Health Care.

The article can range from 250 – 500 words and may be edited as necessary.

2. Classes, Workshops, Conferences or Other Activities:

If you are involved presenting any classes, workshops or conferences or other activities related to CT/Holistic Nursing/Integrative Health Care, we would also like to hear about them.

You can do this in one of 2 ways:

A. Provide a short description of the event (approx 3-4 sentences), website for specific details, and contact info. No cost to members.
B. Provide a full description of the event and contact info, either 1/2 page or full page in length. Considered advertising and available at a reduced rate to CTNIG members of $25 for 1/2 page and $45 for full page.

3. Websites and Book Recommendations:

Send in any recommendations about websites or books that inform Holistic Nursing Practice /Integrative Health Care and how (2 - 4 sentences).

If you require additional information: Contact our Editorial Team at: editor@rnao-ctnig.org 
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