CTNIG AWARD - A Message in the Art

CTNIG AWARD - A Message in the Art

CTNIG "Award Of Excellence" Has A Message for Our Group
Created by Jennifer Merritt ~ "A Soul Portrait"

Our Message:

The essence of this group is one of bold Love. Love for what you do, Love for what you have to offer this world.
I say bold Love because the brightest image in the portrait is the heart, it was the first symbol to appear and of course it represents Love, passion. The physical heart in the body is a vital organ, it’s role is to keep life flowing through the veins, steadily and consistently.

  • The heart is a beautiful symbol for the foundation of your group. The efforts of CTNIG are vital to the future of medical progress.
  • The heart is red and is highlighted in purple.
  • Red is connected to survival, oxygenated blood, passion.
  • Purple is connected transformation, spiritual consciousness and holy love.
The fact that the heart is red and rimmed with purple is no surprise. Here you have two colors associated also with the energetic system of chakras, one being associated with the root (the first chakra – red) and one being associated with the crown (the seventh chakra – purple). This is significant, it means that the foundation of your group is based on survival and grounding (root) and higher knowledge from a divine source (crown).

The blue that you see surrounding the heart and then flowing downward, moves from the left to the right. I felt as though this flow is moving rapidly. The circumstances and challenges the group faces move rapidly, they come one after the other and may leave the group feeling that you are constantly faced with something knew. Yet at the ‘heart’ of this flow is the calm and love of your foundation and with this as a group you are able to creatively deal with all that comes your way.

  • Blue is connected with creativity, calm and inspiration.
The direction in which the flow is moving has significance as well, the movement as I said was from left to right. The circumstances that come towards the group are purely analytical; whomever is coming up with the setbacks and challenges is coming at it all from a ‘left brain’ point of view. This is a very analytical, rigid point of view. The fact that the movement is going to the right tells me that the group is able (as mentioned earlier) to shift this rigidity creatively and appease most situations from a right brain perspective. This gives everything balance. And it feels so good, there is a smoothness to the process, it is all in perfect order (no matter how frustrating it can sometimes feel).

I noted some gray along the right side of the ‘flow’ area. Gray is typically connected to hiding, like a smoke screen. Few people know of your organizations existence, though the entire area is not surrounded by gray. This is a good thing, the general public needs to know that there is work being done on the front of bringing more holistic care into the conventional medical centers :) The smoke screen is starting to dissipate :) Is someone keeping it from being seen? This question just popped in :)

  • Moving on to the surrounding green. Green is the color of health, new life and vibrance. It has also been described as ‘controlling the heart’, ahhhh how appropriate! It symbolizes immunity, practicality, productivity. It’s nurturing and adaptable.
The green is vibrant with swirls of transformation taking form. Your group is one of transformation and your hard work and dedication are providing just the transformation that is needed in your area of profession.

You will also note that there is some white flowing through the portrait as well.

  • White is symbolic of all colors made manifest at the same time. It is the color of spirit and purity, conveys a message of pristine order. It gives a cool, Godlike, untouchable message. Some may notice how someone wearing white seems to take on an air of untouchable authority.
I must also mention that the white is an appropriate symbol for the pristine order in which I find this group is run.

The colors in this portrait are not asking to be mixed and smudged together; they are individual, lots of lines and structure. This is symbolic of the group as a whole. Procedures and policies are followed to the ‘T’, structure is key and it is understood that this is the way to earning the right to bring holistic care into mainstream medical community.

There is a beautiful balance of structure and creativity in the essence of this group. This portrait is simple. To the point. Uncluttered. It was effortless to put together and the message was heard loud and clear. 
An absolute joy to create.

To learn more about the Artist Jennifer Merritt, or get 'A Soul Portrait' message of your own, click here!
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