Congratulations Darka! - 1st Recipient of the CTNIG “Award of Excellence


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Integrative Complementary Healthcare

 President's Address by RNAO-CTNIG President Kim M Watson


Welcome to the RNAO-CTNIG

 Less than a Month Away - Come & Join Us for the RNAO-CTNIG "AGM"
in Toronto on April 18, 2015
8:30 - 11:30 am

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darka & award

In 2012 at our 10th Anniversary we bestowed the first award to our beloved Darka Neill (a founding member and our first President) for her dedication and work in meeting our vision and mission to see Complementary Therapies integrated, recognized and used in Healthcare today! We know she is not alone in the work she does. Perhaps you know a CTNIG member who is deserving of this recognition.
The next award will be presented at the 2015 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
 This award will  be presented every 2 years at the AGM.

Come and hear our beloved DARKA NEILL speak on:

If you have any questions, please send them to Kim at, or call her at 519-972-5698;
and please share your contact info including your phone number

Want to see the criteria about the Award -  click here

Are you a CTNIG Member Interested in Participating More? 
Consider one of the Executive Officer Positions, or become a Committee Member or a Liaison!

No Experience is Necessary!

It is that time of year where nominations for open Executive Officer Positions are welcomed for all RNs! Though perhaps you are not interested in serving on this board, though would like to get your feet wet by being on a committee; we have place available. Well, we are looking for you! Nothing happens by accident and perhaps you are reading this today as you are hearing the call to serve our membership. Remember, no expereince is necessary, and you can learn as you go. We will help you learn the role. We welcome new insights and ideas to assist us in sustaining and growing the CTNIG's. Do not worry if you live in the far north or south or in the GTA - we meet usually via teleconferencing.Email Kim M Watson today to discuss this further, she can share her phone number with you then.

Available 2015-2017 Executive Officer positions include: (must be a RN)

  • Communications Officer - looking for a Co-communications' Officer
  • Finance Officer

Available Committee Positions include: Education, Membership, Communications, Policy & Political Action, Newsletter, and Research.

Positions will commence anytime for the next 2015-2017 (2-year term). If interested please contact our Chair/President, Kim M Watson at
If interested contact the Chair with your name, contact info and email and you will be sent an application form to complete & return.

  • Name, address, phone number, email, photo
  • Your present employment situation/location
  • Tell us a little about yourself & CT- do you practice a type of CT, what interests you about CT,etc.
  • A short statement as to why you would like this position and if you have any past experience.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

 CTNIG ~ Complementary Therapies Nurses' Interest Group ~      A BIT ABOUT US:

The RNAO-CTNIG is a professional support group for Registered Nurses interested in or practicing Complementary Therapies (CT). CT are being used by Canadians more than most healthcarre professionals are aware of. In many countries they have already become a part of healthcare, and we are seeing an increase use and interest here in Ontario. More nurses are using CT more as part of their practice, or encountering clients who have incorporated, or are interested in CT as part of their prevention or action plan of care. We see CT as a valuable tool in their toolbox, be they practice a form of CT or advocate for them. Nurses in the growing field of CT benefit from sharing their experiences with one another and developing common strategies and it is our hope that one way to achieve this will be through the CTNIG that this will be accomplished.

The CTNIG is assisting the RNAO of fulfilling its mandate of
"speaking out for health, speaking out for nursing."

We are doing this by supporting CT nurses and those clients who are seeking CT, by acting as a resource for nurses and others,
and through raising the profile of RNs who practice complementary therapies,
We hope to bring to light the role CT can play in the health of our population using a mind-body-spirit approach:
hence a HOLISTIC approach to care. It is also through the support and sharing of research we aim to integrate CT in healthcare.


  • 2015 CTNIG AGM: April 18, 2015, on the Saturday of the RNAO AGM. On Friday visit on booth to learn more about this interest group.
  • CTNIG Award of Excellence: will be awarded at the AGM, See the nomination criteria.
  • FAQ: We are looking for you to send us your questions; we intend to create a list of answers related to them for your review


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