“Wishing all CTNIG Members A Very Happy Holiday Season”

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

~ Hamilton Wright Mabie ~


“JOY = Journeying Onward Yielding”

~ Kuranda Plus and the Circle of Seven ~


The spirit of the holiday season is purely an example of how we each should live everyday and what I am sure conspires within you as the holiday approaches; at least it does for me. Like a seed planted in the ground, it is beyond my control to prevent its growth outward and upward, seeking the higher ground. It is the child from within me that cannot resist the JOY of the season. It almost sneaks up on me, at first I note I always have a smile on my face which I cannot help to share. That smile is warm enough to light a fire in my heart, a fire necessary to extend the love I share throughout the season. It is this love that can set afire the embers where good will and kindness towards all persons can folow the whole year through. Regardless of what nationality or religion you are, you cannot escape being touched by some of the traditions that Canadians practice at this time of year. Our streets are decorated with lights, we drop our coins into the Salvation Army pots, prayers are said, candles are lit on the menorah, the tree is decorated by the family, mass is attend, the music becomes merry, our malls deck their shelves with sales, and though many get caught up in the commercialism of the season, the message of love is clear! We are here to experience and share love. It is about the journey, and I find for me, it is at Christmas that the message of love becomes clear and the embers become even brighter.


You cannot help but feel the JOY during the holiday season, though it is after the decorations are taken down and we have called in the new year that the journey goes on. In the midst of the merriment it is easy to keep your smile and heart full of love! It is the journey of the next year where the spark of the JOY is needed to be kept alive. JOY for me is journeying onward yielding. My spiritual master has taught me the wisdom of this, and in the ups and downs of my life, be it my job, my family, my relationships, etc. I am reminded it is about the flow!

  • Journeyingis travelling from one place to another
  • Onwardmeans moving forward or continuing
  • Yieldingis to give forth, produce or supply something, a product or a result; it is to give way, submit, concede or surrender, whether through force or persuasion or natural result; it is to grant or allow; it is being compliant, submissive, or flexible; it is being pliable or soft; it is the quantity of a specified product obtained in a reaction or series of reactions. It is the flow!


So as you go on your JOY~fulpath during 2014 remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience. On this journey you as a soul decided to come to what I call the ‘Earth School’ to learn all you can, and to feel and share the love. Remember even if it feels you are taking a step or two back, you are still going forward! We cannot travel back, we are always moving forward on our journey. Even with what feels like a pause or rest, we move onward. Take care to enJOYthe journey, and remember that it does involve distance being travelled and the time taken to do so; so pace yourself. You cannot always hurry the journey either, nor can you slow it down. So remember to yield, as it is in the yielding that the abundance of this journeying can be found.


As you continue the journey during 2014 remember to hold the CTNIG vision in your heart, mind and soul! It is thorough what you do or experience with complementary therapies that will help the CTNIG to complete their mission.  As holistic nurses who are interested in, or practice complementary therapies the time is upon us to show up as leaders in this important option; it is one of the next big things in healthcare. By being a member of the CTNIG you are holding the faith by belonging. Thinking of doing more, you can also choose to join us on the Executive as an Officer, or participate on a Committee, or even be a Liaison for the group for your area or workplace.Our group is 10 years young and we need all of us to make our vision a reality.  If you are interested in learning more please do not hesitate to contact me, or check out our website: today! We need you and no experience is necessary!


I would love for you to put us on your 2014 agenda as well. Consider coming to the RNAO AGM May 2-3 rd . Our AGM will occur on the Saturday morning of May 3 rd . It is a great time to meet with your Executive, as well listen to a keynote speaker. There is no charge and you can bring a guest; refreshments will be provided. Also if you have any ideas on how we can assist you and Ontario in meeting our vision, do send me an email.  We are continuing to provide presentations across the province about the CTNIG and Complementary Therapies in Healthcare. If your local RNAO chapter wants to have us come and talk, that too can be arranged. Contact me to learn more.


Once again, enJOY the holiday season, and I wish you the best in the New Year!


Blessings, in love & in light, Namasté, Kim


Click Here to Download and Print the President's Address Winter 2013

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