A Few Words” from the president
“Complementary Therapies: Myth, Magic or The Next Best Thing in Healthcare?”
“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.”
~ Bern Williams ~

The CTNIG is in the spring of its life as an interest group, we have just begun to bud! Spring symbolizes a new life or a new beginning, and though we are beyond our birth we are still in the spring of our existence. Spring is probably the busiest season in the garden of life. Plants are waking up, mulch needs to be removed, winter clean-up has to be done, and all before you can start planting this year's garden. In spring we usually get out our garden tools and get moving. Of course we are slaves to the whims of nature. It always seems at first spring drags its heels and then runs full force through the season. We need to be prepared with an organized ‘To Do List’ and take advantage of whatever nice days come along, working with the rain and the shine. Our plants and trees will still need pruning, feeding and weeding even if the sun does not always shine. Some ofthe things on your list may be:

Keep ahead of the weeds

Turn the compost

Sharpen or get new tools

Test and amend your soil

Prune flowering shrubs when they finish blooming

Plant and divide perennials, and perhaps share them Our vision, which is‘to have complementary therapies recognized, incorporated and
integrated into nursing and healthcare in Ontario,’ is still to be achieved. Like in the spring we needed to take stock of where we are. Having just celebrated our 10th Anniversary, and realizing all that has been done, we also recognize where we need to go. It is always best to make sure you start with taking stock of the tools you have to complete the job first, that way you can set goals that for the rest of the season. Like through all the seasons there is loss, and though we are not truly losing Darka Neill, she has stepped down as the Newsletter Editor. Darka has agreed to stay in the consultant role for this next season of time. Though we are on the outlook for one or two persons to participate in the development of our newsletter– which will also have a new face this year. We would welcome your ideas, no experience necessary. Like a new garden you can assist us in its creative development. As we have gone through our garden shed we see we need a few other things as well, a Membership Officer and a Policy and Political Officer. These roles do not require any expertise as we will work with you to develop the roles. And yes, two people may share the role. I know for the membership role we may want to start with developing a welcome package, and to determine the types of complementary therapies our members are practicing. As the Policy and Political Officer we are interested in developing a resolution in the future to present to the RNAO board and that would help complementary therapies become more focal in the lives and business of nursing and healthcare.

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