Address from the President: Watson Hears A WHO!       November 2010

This is an exciting time for me coming on board as the President of the CTNIG. I am also joined by others on the board who equally are feeling the enthusiasm of the possibilities as complementary therapy (CT) moves forward in Ontario, and Canada. Like Horton, in Dr. Seuss’s book “Horton Hears a WHO” I have been aware of the use, viability and possibilities of CT, and the scepticism of many of those in healthcare and within our communities who do not yet understand what we do and why. For many years I have represented us as an individual who loves what she does as an energy worker, and a nurse.
Last year I had the luck to complete an RNAO Advanced Clinical Fellowship looking at the “Introduction and Integration of Complementary Therapies in Acute Care.” The fellowship provided a unique opportunity to explore and develop the use and knowledge about CT; to better understand the CT literature and research, especially around biofield/energy therapies; to determine the present programs, organizations, associations, and practitioners doing CT with acute care clients; to provide energy treatments to staff and patients in an acute care hospital, as well to determine how will I share all that I know. Well, my last objective has led me here, to the President role of the CTNIG.  I thankfully am walking in the path where some strong leaders, like Darka Neill, our founding President, blazed the trail. I was blessed to have Darka as a mentor with the fellowship to share with me what she knew to date.
I have a vision, and it includes CTNIG being one of the leaders in Ontario and ultimately Canada, to bring forward the art and science of CT to healthcare, be it for wellness, or dis-ease; to ultimately improve outcomes for all. Like Horton, we will be tested to hold on to what we know is true, and what we hear from our hearts and souls, and those we serve. Our healthcare system has been preaching a shift from disease intervention to dis-ease prevention and health promotion. CTNIG will be part of that solution. Through the use of CT Canadians can embrace new, or should I say old strategies, that will promote health and wellness. Many of the methods of CT have been around for hundreds of years, if not centuries, and many countries have been using them around the world. We only need to see the direction our neighbours to the south are taking to see where we are headed. So as CT is researched, observed, and integrated into healthcare programs in the USA, should we sit by and be reactionary, or do we take the lead and start pointing the way?
Your executive is already hard at work in preparing a resolution for the April RNAO AGM; we are asking them to advocate to include CT education at the baccalaureate level for nurses (as a start).  So be it through my work with CTNIG, the education or workshops I promote and provide, the treatments I give, or the opportunities I have had to share my knowledge with others; the biggest thing I have learned is I do not do this work alone. So I am looking forward to hearing from you! Be involved, even to just share your ideas with me. You too are not alone, we are here. It is nice to know I am backed by such a wonderful group of nurses, who also hear a WHO! So keep listening, it is just the beginning!

  Kim M Watson, President RNAO-CTNIG       
       Blessings, in love and in light, Namasté, Kim  

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