Miranda Cornacchia  

RN, BScN, (Master’s Student)

Modalities: Interest in complementary therapies
Present Employment: Primary Care Nurse at the Hamilton Family Health Team

After graduating with my BScN from the University of Western Ontario, I began my nursing career as a primary care nurse within a large family health team in Hamilton, Ontario. I am currently in my second year of the Master’s in Nursing program at the University of Toronto and am hoping to continue my education afterwards in the Nurse Practitioner program. 

I was first introduced to complementary therapies in healthcare in my undergraduate nursing program. A clinical instructor of mine both applied and integrated therapeutic touch into her daily nursing practice. This introduction to complementary therapies spoke to how integral a holistic approach to patient care is. Currently I am working along side a primary care team that integrates both acupuncture and reiki into patient care practices. The use of complementary therapies encompasses holistic entities of the patient’s mind, body and spirit. I am looking forward to the positive changes to come as we advocate, support and promote the integration of complementary therapies into all aspects of patient care! 
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