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Kim M Watson

RN, DPHN, MScN, HTP, Holistic Practitioner

Modalities: Reiki Master/Teacher, Healing Touch V (HTP), Therapeutic Touch III (TTP), Sacred Geometry II, Energetic Transformation 
Present Employment: ER Staff Nurse at Windsor Regional Hospital at the Ouellette Site (formerly known as Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital) in the ER, Trauma Level I, & Holistic Practitioner
Kim never grew up dreaming about being a nurse, though she has felt she has been able to live the dream – she loves being a nurse. Kim started her career in 1976 in Pediatrics, and worked in Detroit, Windsor and Toronto (Sick Kids). On returning home to Windsor in 1982, she started her career in ER, and has worked there on and off over the next 30 years, as well as working in nursing education – as a instructor (St. Clair College, U of W, U of Western ON) and as a Nurse Educator, Community Public Health, Nurse Researcher, and as Clinical Nurse Specialist. Her Master’s clinical component was in Pediatrics and Emergency Department. Kim continues to teach for the University of Windsor as a Sessional Faculty Member for Classroom or Clinical areas. 

When asked when she got into the holistic care and complementary therapies, she will tell you, she was raised with this knowledge she holds. She took her first formal course of Healing Touch in 2001, and proceeded to focus on energy modalities, frequently called biofield therapy in research circles. What really led Kim to focus on and advocate for complementary therapies (CT) was when she was in a motor vehicle collision in 1989 that left her with an injury severe enough that she not only could not work for the next 4 months, she was unable to start her Masters that year in London. She was seen in London by the Rehab physicians at University Hospital and they told her she would never be able to work in an acute care setting again, an area she loved! Needless to say, she told them “Want to bet?!” The path was not easy, though for the next 4 years she incorporated a mind/body/spirit focus, truly a holistic approach! To their surprise and pleasure, they signed her off in 1993 to return to acute care if she wished. 

In 2009-10 she completed an RNAO Advanced Clinical Fellowship at her hospital on the “Introduction and Integration of Complementary Therapies in Acute Care.” Kim has been invited as a speaker for a number or groups on various holistic topics on both sides of the border. In 2010 Kim took on the role of the Ontario representative for the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association (CHNA), as well as the President role for the CTNIG. Kim holds a number of other members with various holistic associations such as: Healing Touch Canada Association, HTI, HTPA, TTNO, CRA, AHNA, etc. In 2011 Kim was invited by the People to People Ambassador programs in the USA and was a Delegate to the Republic of South Africa for “Holistic Nursing and Healing Traditions.”

Like HORTON, Watson hears a WHO! So stay tuned as I have a vision, and it includes CTNIG being one of the leaders in Ontario and ultimately Canada; as well I intend to be part of the force to bring forward the art and science of CT to healthcare, be it for wellness, or dis-ease, to ultimately improve outcomes for all. Namaste

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